Shounen Jump One Piece Colour Art Contest

The official website of Shounen Jump magazine has released the information about their new entirely official fanart contest. The topic is One Piece and the awards are branded jacket, t-shirts and hats. There is probably no better contest to enter than the one held by the manga’s publishing company itself, so get the pens and needles ready and begin sketching your One Piece colour art. Don’t forget that there are a ton of rules and guidelines as to how to format, spread and do your art. They vary from the recomendation to not overuse computers and draw mainly by hand to the size of paper you have to draw on.  Yet, it would be great if you won, no?

For the contest’s full list of numerous rules, you can visit this link.

Also, it is open only for US and Canada (no Quebec) residents; entrees must be sent no later than December 19, 2011.

Good luck to all who manage with the participation and, even if you cannot do it, don’t forget to tell me who your favourite OP character is and why! I would love to read all about it!


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