Nyan Koi! Manga Returns in November

Just about 11 days are left until the awful hiatus of Nyan Koi! fantasy manga series if over. The return of this project to the market also marks the well-being of Sato Fujiwara who cancelled his manga’s publications because of a sudden illness and the need of serious treatment.

November 9 is the official date stated for the resume of the story about students Junpei Kousaka, his crush Kaede Mizuno and several city cats.

For whoever is interested and is still uninformed, the story revolves around Junpei who is a cat-hater and even allergic. He cannot stand them at all. When he understands his crush at school is a total cats’ person, though, he might need to rethink his view on the topic. The fantastical note comes when Junpei suddenly knocks over a cat deity’s guardian item on his way back from school (by hitting it with a kicked can) and gets the worst possible curse he can get: he can not only hear and understand what cats can say, but he will also become one himself if he doesn’t realize a 100 wishes of these animals.

The resume of the manga will happen with a special four-panel story. It has been published by Flex Comic Blood since August 2007, but it had to cease and go on an indefinite hiatus until the mangaka gets well. Seems like Sato Fujiwara sensei has gotten fine enough to continue the series. There has also been an anime series distributed on DVD.

Source: Anime News Netwok

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3 thoughts on “Nyan Koi! Manga Returns in November

    1. Sure there are! Who can resist comedy + moe harem!? Will have to admit that it’s one of the best of its kind, though… ;)

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