Magic Tree House Anime Trailer Streamed (Video)

Magic Tree House is the story of siblings Annie and Jack who, through the magical abilities of a suddenly and by-chance found tree house, travel through adventures in different worlds they read about in the vast library of the little wooden house found on top of the tree.The original idea comes from Mary Pope Osborne’s children book series that have been in publish since 1992. The anime movie that will open in theatres across Japan January 7, 2012, is based more on the original illustrations of the Japanese version of the books (by Ayana Amako) rather than the American illustrations (by Salvatore Murdocca).


The directing is in the hands of Hiroshi Nishikiori, famous for his Toaru Majutsu no Index and Jyu Oh Sei. Jack’s seiyuu is popular and experienced actress Keiko Kitagawa (played Yukari in Paradise Kiss from 2011) while Annie is trusted in the hands of young Mana Ashida who has voice acted as Agnes in the Japanese version of Despicable me and has also starred in live-action movies such as Ghost: in Your Arms Tonight and Kokuhaku. The mysterious and very pretty owner of the tree house is voiced by Miki Maya (Takarazuka Review). The theme song is performed by Kana Uemura and is entitled “Message” while the music scores are composed by Mobile Suit Victory Gundam and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s  Akira Senju.

The two lead actresses can be seen saluting the viewers at the very end of the trailer.

Magic Tree House Official Website

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