Seiyuu Masumi Asano Publishes Own Doujinshi

Doujinshi is the Japanese  name of a type of self-published media (manga in this case). It is usually related to already professionally published magazines, manga or novels. They are usually done by amateurs, but famous people, known in the industry, also may publish one. This is the case with Masumi Asano, the voice actress behind the Japanese versions of Hayate no Gotoku!’s Risa Asakaze, who is about to have her very own first self-published printed doujinshi.

As a beginner, Miss Asano is aided in her new field by none other but Hayte no Gotoku!’s creator Kenjirou Hata. The story of the new four-panel product will be about the life of a seiyuu, as seen by the professional herself. The official premiere of the edition will happen at this year’s COmic Market 81 (December 29-31)


Source: Anime News Network

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4 thoughts on “Seiyuu Masumi Asano Publishes Own Doujinshi

  1. Forgot to mention, but since it’s not an update, I shall put it up here: Since Bakuman, the story of a mangaka, is so famous… I bet the story of a Seiyuu will too be something worthwhile when it comes to the fanbase. It just needs a good presentation.

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