Hino Shinsengumi Festival Bearing Hakuouki’s Face on Its Poster

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This year’s Hino Shinsengumi Festival has had it rough. The event, which is usually held March 11 each year, was unable to be realized in 2011 up until November. As we all know, March 11 2011 was not only the date Hijikata Toshizou, one of the most memorable Shinsengumi members who is also born in Hino as well as his colleague Genzaburou Inoue, was born but also the date that one of the world’s greatest and most destructive earthquakes happened – “The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake” (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai). Due to the devastation, the festival was not only delayed, but also its very happening was doubtful. Fortunately, this year, Hino city will have its Shinsengumi Festival.

The festival is a wide celebration of one of the most important and famous official shogunate police forces, the one of the Tokugawa era. The Shinsengumi are a popular topic not only to historians, but also to otaku all over the world due to the great ability of these notable men to be attractive to both males and females. They have loyalty, strength and blood-thirst that are some of the most important and valuable characteristics of a true samurai.

This year’s Hino Shinsengumi Festival will be held November 12 through 13 and it will not be missing one of its most attractive initiatives – the march of Shinsengumi-dressed participants. All of you who can go – just spend a day there and enjoy it. Shinsengumi are a great historical part of Japan and I bet you will like it. I know there are many inconveniences such as dates and the fact that a lot of the historical facts about the past eras are uncertain, but let’s not spoil it. Hino city is found in central-western Tokyo.

The relation to Hakuouki is the fact that the anime will get to be on the promotional poster, hoping to achieve more fame for the festival.

Source: Anime News Network

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6 thoughts on “Hino Shinsengumi Festival Bearing Hakuouki’s Face on Its Poster

  1. No parade? Hmmm… good luck to them anyway and I’m sure there’ll be many interesting events to see during the 2 days.

  2. The amazing history of the Shinsengumi – romantic warriors, dedicated to an ideal and an impossible fight is one of my favourite tales ever. Let the legend live forever and it’s great to hear about that festival! Hope it’s a success.

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