Sentai Filmworks Confirms English Dub of Persona 4

The anime production company Sentai Filmworks has confirmed that an English language dub will be recorded and made available for the Persona 4 : The Animation TV series that aired just this Fall season. Although still to reach even episode 5, the show has managed to become the favourite of the crowds, even of the otaku who haven’t been that much into the original games before the show. It is not a big surprise that an official version will be made in English language too.

According to the official statement given by Sentai, the home video release will have the English option for the voices. There is no information, though, if the original game cast will be kept or if there will be a new one for the release. All the game fans are really hoping for the voice cast to be the same as in the original game series, but it is still unannounced. Yet, there is a big chance for it to happen since the preservation of the initial voices of the characters happened in the Japanese version of the series (except for Igor since the actor has passed away before the series could be recorded).

Source: Anime News

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3 thoughts on “Sentai Filmworks Confirms English Dub of Persona 4

  1. It’s always better to keep the established voices…at least for me. If Sentai people want, they can take my advice. ;)

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