Live-action Kite Movie to Be Shot in Africa

Yasuomi Umetsu’s original anime video series tells the story of a young orphaned girl who has become a killer due to financial and psychological troubles, being given names of future victims by her dead father’s former partner in the police department. She is called Sawa and punishes people who have not been punished for their crimes. At a point she is joined by Oburi, another killer, a boy who helps her with the orders. They, though, begin to think outside the little world they have been occupying, maybe due to each other’s influence, and dreaming of a different life.

The OVA, which has been called everything from pornographic to extremely controversial to artistic, has been cut out of half the content in the US version that has been previously released. Odd enough, the show’s live-action movie has been greenlit and now we have additional information on the subject.

Director David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane, Final Destination 2) and the other yet unannounced members of the cast of the future full motion movie will travel to South Africe to shoot the $12-million-budget-flm. It is highly doubtful anyone would be surprised, considering that the production company (Distant Horizon) is localized there.

When it comes to the other cast members, there are rumours going around that they will be revealed in California, at the American Film Market  next week.

Source: Film Business Asia

If I have to be honest, I feel that this is not going to be anything like the original Kite… the director of Final Destination, no matter which one of the installments, cannot make anything I care about. I am yet to witness a well-made American production based on a movie that is supposed to be controversial, moreover Japanese hentai/gore. It will probably be filled with BANG-BANG and WOAH! moments and that’ll be it.

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

8 thoughts on “Live-action Kite Movie to Be Shot in Africa

  1. There is a old silver trailer/caravan ontop of one of the hotels in Cape Town, South Africa. I think it would be perfect to use as a scene out of the movie. I for one would love to re-do the movie ‘frame-by-frame’ Rated R!!

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