Death Note, Bakemonogatari’s Aya Hirano Takes 4 New Roles

There is probably not even one of you who hasn’t heard the voice of Aya Hirano. Misa Amane in Death Note, Kaoru Akashi in Zettai Karen Children, Yuki Morikawa in White Album, Momo Saru no in Tenshi no Shippo, Haruhi Suzumiya in the homonymous franchise, Ekaterina Kurae in Seikon no Qwaser, Saint Seiya’s Sasha and even Nanae in Queen’s Blade franchise are some of her most memorable roles. Obviously, she is one of the most hired seiyuu in recent times.In other words, it is no wonder she has announced to have four new regular roles.

Even after quite a lot of problems in her last studio, Aya Hirano has somehow managed to make thing work with the new one, a situation that probably lead to her four new roles announced through her twitter account.The names include Fairy Tail’s Lucy, Jewelpet Sunshine’s Garnet and the new Hunter x Hunter’s Menchi.


Source: Twitter message

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4 thoughts on “Death Note, Bakemonogatari’s Aya Hirano Takes 4 New Roles

  1. I will never forget how she was addressing the police officers in “Death Note”: “Stalker-san…” Priceless… ;)

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