Twilight of the Dark Master Review: How Bad Can a Horror Anime Be?

I admit it – I never was a horror lover. All movies of this kind that came to my attention were either too cheesy or plain too silly to be called scary, let alone interesting. That’s why I was as patient as possible while watching “Twilight of the Dark Master”. Even so, I can’t get rid of my “O.o” face, even after I finished the OVA. What did I see exactly? Was it fantasy, supernatural, sci-fi? Was it gory, hentai or horror? Sorry, I have no answer…

The reason for my confusion is the lack of the 3 “ingredients” any movie/anime/book or whatever should have to make any sense. What are they? Well first having some plot won’t hurt. There should be a reason why you “collect” those people there and show them to the kind audience. Second, it’s good to have a genre. The condition to call something a horror is gore. You don’t think people turn the TV to see bloodless horror, no? The third vital part is some appeal or at least a conclusion, something that can be called interesting or at least attention worthy. Well, in my own opinion, “Twilight of the Dark Master” has…0/3. If you’re still up to taking the trip down senseless lane and watch it, please read my review in advance…

This time, I will barely comment or analyze, I’ll just present the plot in detail. I believe the conclusion will be obvious. Let’s begin with the story. It all starts on a calm evening when Eiji proposes to his girlfriend Shizuka. The glasses of Martini sparkle, so does the ring… Suddenly, a huge monster appears and attacks naked Shizuka who calls him Eiji. What he does to her, we can only imagine, considering she’s still alive later on, just covered in wounds and bruises. No intro, no connection, we’re sent to a visual galore of light where we understand that the great Creator made our world and gave us Demons and Guardians who fight for the balance. Once the flashback’s over, we get to the police chase of the monster that devours and tears apart officer after officer; desperately trying to stop him with their guns. The picture, however, can barely be called “scary” or “gory”. The blood and pieces are quite unrealistic to scare us.  After another bunch dies, we meet the mysterious Mr. Kudou and two fighters. They give orders in the name of Lady Takamiya that’s going “to devour” the creature, once it reached the night club owned by Kudou. The two fighters look like a typical sexy couple – spandex and skin… So far, so good.

Now poor Shizuka is waking on the street (in the rain, that is!), swearing to kill the demon that was once her fiancé. She gets in the middle of a gunfight and is barely rescued by Tenku. He’s a weird guy with a military built who lives with someone who collects demon statues and happens to know all about the creatures.  Surprisingly enough, he’s the protagonist of the story – Tsunami Shijo, born in the forbidden neighbourhood, where 30 years ago a mysterious light appeared and destroyed the entire district. Shizuka meets with him and they agree on a deal – he finds her demon and kills him. How did she decide he’s capable of doing so is left to our imagination. On his way to the demon, Tsunami meets with the Wind manipulators – the couple that work for the mysterious Takamiya. They’re quite insistent on him dropping the case. There’s a fight, blood, breasts, a few sexy shots and ridiculous quotes. There we see that Tsunami Shijo is a Fire manipulator. None of those skills, however, are seen distinctively in the animation.

After the clash, Tsunami heads to Crystal Bucks – the sex club where the demons traces lead. The picture there is the only horror I saw. It can scare any person with some reason – sex scenes with aliens and tentacles, whispers, screams and S&M shots is all the presentation we need before entering the bedroom of two naked girls, looking to steal money from a client, bare breasted, of course… There they go into the demon’s lair, who chews them up… literally.

In a short moment, we’re transferred to Mr. Kudou’s cabinet, where our Tsunami’s on the lookout for a pet – one with a horn.  Regrettably, Kudou denies having one and orders his men to kill the stranger. “Sayonara, Mr. Shijo”, he says.  How original…

During the fight he effortlessly stops machine guns with an energy field, before the poor bodyguards transform into demons (or fitness addicts?) thanks to a mysterious muscle enhancing drug, we suddenly hear of. They’re of course destroyed by Tsunami’s electric lights or something… Afterwards, Shijo-san meets up with the inspector Tajima and tells him he believes Vergan pharmaceuticals have infected a human with a latent virus that is hiding in the “magic pills” he was used as a test subject of.  It works on cellular level and turns human into a monster. Obviously, that’s the explanation the author gives us for the demon. Where did it come from and what about the Wind and Fire manipulators, Okuse-san?
Regrettably, there’s no proof left after the lab where Junk (an underground scientist with morals – that’s a first) works, as well as the inspector are blown up by the Wind controllers, who shamelessly exchange incest remarks and gestures…

A flashback comes from nowhere and it finally shows see how did Eiji turn into a monster in front of his fiancées eyes. In the meantime, Tsunami argues with Shizuka on whether she should chase after the demon, while changing his hair from white/silver/blue to black with no apparent reason… Of course, like it always happens in US actions, Tenku meets up with the girl and spits out all information to her, before getting drugged… She, of course, heads to the Crystal Bucks club to kill the demon where she’s (even more unsurprisingly) captured and destined to be eaten by the demon… The two Wind masters that got the girl went to Mr. Takamiya – the master, sitting on a throne, hidden b a V-like mask… While preparing for phase two of the experiment, he’s offered to enjoy the lover’s meeting.

Hands down, the most ridiculous moment in the anime is probably where she talks sweet to him, while he’s (literally) chewing her hand… If that’s not enough, he later on tears her to pieces…and she tells him she loves him. The crown of cliché falls when her locket opens to reveal their pictures and the demon screams for his lost love…

Regrettably, there’s more. Later on, it’s time for another battle between the Wind and Fire rulers, while Takamiya and Kudou activate the mysterious demon machine that eventually devours the latter.  A mysterious being is born from the building; it’s called “The Ultimate Evil”… It’s weird and clumsy and just stands there while Tsunami kills his two loyal servants. Tsunami’s way to safe Eiji is even worse then what we’ve seen so far. He approaches the demon with the ridiculous line: “I’m addressing the human…”and tells the being another life expects him and weirdly “evaporates” him to another world, where new life awaits.  Well, thanks God words worked for Tsunami, even though they didn’t do for the poor love of his life, who tried to reason the demon…

Oh, my, it’s time for the climax – the huge, weird thing and Tsunami. Takamiya (that’s the huge weird thing) reminds us the battle 30 years ago where the Guardian of people sent tens of thousands of humans to death. He tells about the paradox – prosperity allowing him to have it all, while the protector of light lives in the shadows. He offers Tsunami to feed on the people and rule together. Of course, we see 30 years ago Tsunami fell in love with an earthly woman (OMG! Really?! That happens?!) and Takamiya killed her to save him from becoming human.  In this moment, picture is static for ages. You hear the character talk and practically nothing moves… Scary psychological moment or plain lazy animation – you decide. The monster then calls the illusion of the lost lover of Tsunami, having 4 legs and arms… “I didn’t come to fight, I came to watch the end of your existence. Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself,” Tsunami answers and the demon lord explodes by himself…that’s it.

I have just one thing to say: “Oh, please, Great Creator, take your Demons and Guardians, before they spit another “lesson” at me…”

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I want to thank my faithful Death Scythe for another one of the great review it makes!

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