Final Fantasy Type-0 : The First 11 Minutes Streamed!!! (Video)

Final Fantasy Type-0, the game for PSP by Square Enix, that will come out this Thursday in Japan is one of the most exciting new installments that we are all waiting for with extreme interest… Probably this quantity of fans and the intensity of the excitement has made the producers stream 11 ( yes ELEVEN) full minutes of the upcoming release.Let’s not forget that this role-playing game has also had a manga adaptation done. It is scheduled to begin serialization in December’s monthly Shounen Gangan magazine.

The full video, as posted on Square Enix’s official YouTube Channel, can be seen below.


Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Type-0 : The First 11 Minutes Streamed!!! (Video)

  1. WOW! So much drama… Can’t help to notice, though, that, considering how big the franchise is, the animation got a bit disappointing at times.

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