Boxing Day to be Better This Year for All the Brits! Dragon Ball Z!

Everyone who loves Dragon Ball Z, rejoice!  There has been a new advertisement about Dragon Ball Z in the British Media, more precisely in the guide issue for the upcoming MCM Expo in London, England. According the ad, Dragon Ball Z season 1 will have a newly remastered version. The new 6-disc package will include all 36 episodes of the season brand-new entirely remastered. It will be available for pre-orders through the HMV official website later before the official release date… Now, let’s take a deep breath and have some fun with this…

The official release date of the new disks will be…December 26 – BOXING DAY! Who wouldn’t want a 36 episode, 6-disk bundle of their favourite classic anime under the Christmas tree?

Everyone in the UK can thank Manga Entertainment and Toei Animation for this year’s Christmas presents.

Source: UK Anime Network

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