New Manga by TAGRO “Ikigami-sama” to Launch in November

TAGRO, the man behind “Hen Semi”, “Hentai Seiri Seminar” and “Uchuu Chintai Sargasso”, will release a new manga project. The title f the work is “Ikigami-sama” and it will be serialized in Ohta Publishing’s online media Pocopoco. Chapter one will be put up in the magazine on November 11, 2011.

The story is very simple and not as original as we’d wish, but it still looks like a good story to read.

It is about the young girl who discovers that a god, or more precisely “Ikigami-sama”, is living in the same little town as she. With the looks of an old, homeless man, he definitely is an odd one. We follow the two in their everyday lives.

Source: Comic Natalie

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