Warner Bros. Streams Manga-Based Wild 7’s First Trailer (Video)

The first official trailer for the upcoming Japanese release of the Wild 7 police action drama based on the classic original manga by Mikiya Mochizuki was released just today. The trailer is definitely a nice addition to the idea I personally got from the initial announcements of the movie. There is plenty of action, plenty of mind games and a lot of drama based on personality and history.

The music is by one of the biggest j-rock bands L’Arc~en~Ciel. The lead role is played by Eita and the directing is by Eiichirou Hasumi.

In the original manga, the story revolves around a group of seven wild bikers who are above the law, punishing the criminals even the highest levels of the police cannot touch. It was serialized by Shounengahosha in its Shounen Weekly King magazine from 1969  to 1979. Just this last September, the movie got its own adaptation in the publisher’s Young King magazine, by reading tit you will get a vaster and more detailed spoiler look on the upcoming theatrical release.

The movie will premiere in Japan December 21, 2011.

Source: YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Warner Bros. Streams Manga-Based Wild 7’s First Trailer (Video)

  1. Warner Brothers = one of the idiotic companies that believe erasing music videos from Youtube will up the artist’s sales. Hope they’re better in promoting their movies…

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