Loups-Garous Movie English Dub Cast Announced

The official English dub cast for the Loups-Garous movie has been announced. The science fiction work’s dubbers were officially announced by Sentai Filmworks’ Janice Williams. The translation of the original Japanese novel entitled “Loups-Garous Kihi Subeki Oukami” written by Natsuhiko Kyougoku (Mouryou no Hako, Toufu Kozou) is made by Javier Lopez and the dubbing’s director is Steven Foster.

Here is the main cast for the English-speaking region’s release:

Melissa Davis as Makino Haduki
Corey Hartzog as Ayumi Kono
Hilary Haag as Mio Tsuduki
Luci Christian as Rei Myao
Serena Varghese as Yuko Yabe
Andy McAvin as Riichiro Ishida
David Matranga as Toji Kunugi
Shelley Calene-Black as Shizue Fuwa


The movie originally premiered in Japan in August 2010. It was directed by Junnichi Fujisaku (Blood+).


Source: Anime News Network

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