Sengoku Manga Brave10 S with Anime from January (Video)

Historical adventure manga Brave10 S (Spiral) by Keiri Shimotsuki will be getting its very own television anime adaptation. The series, which will air in January 2012 in Japan. After having shared with the prospective fans a promotional video and the five main characters’ seiyuu earlier this year, the producers are also sharing three more cast members and a date (although not exact).

Since I haven’t previously been in this dimension when the first news were announced, I will combine the two news in one and tell you all the cast and their respective roles as well as the promotional video.


Kirigakure Saizou: Daisuke Ono (Arthur Augusto Angel in Ao no Exorcist, Sion Astal in Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu and more)
Sarutobi Sasuke: Tetsuya Kakihara (Amaimon in Ao no Exorcist, Simon in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and more)
Yuri Kamanosuke: Motoki Takagi (Miroku in InuYasha, Raki in Claymore and more)
Unno Rokurou: Hiroshi Kamiya (Tieria Erde in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Mephisto Pheles in Ao no Exorcist and more)
Sanada Yukimura: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Isshin Kurosaki in Bleach, Tyki Mikk in D. Gray Man and more)

Nezu Jinpachi: Kazuya Nakai (Ryuji Suguro in Ao no Exorcist, Toshiro Hijikata in Gintama and more)
Miyoshi Seikai Nyuudou: Kazunari Tanaka (Shinichiro Tamaki in Code Geass, Tadatomo Ijuuin in Green Green and more)
Ben-maru: Izumi Kitta (Michi in Weiss Survive, Misaki Tokura in Cardfight!! Vanguard and more)

The original Brave10 S manga began serialization since the first edition of Monthly Comic Gene last June, after the end of the first Brave10 manga series. Considering the English-speaking half of the world didn’t manage to get even the first manga published by Tokyopop before its closing down, it is a great thing to have a touch of this mangaka’s works, though only animated. About streaming and official translated versions of the upcoming anime – there is hardly anything in the news.

Here is the promo video, released previously:

Source: Anime News Network

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8 thoughts on “Sengoku Manga Brave10 S with Anime from January (Video)

  1. I’m an avid fan of the Sanada 10 Braves, so can’t wait for that anime! I’m familiar with the Brave 10 manga, but I believe it was just a starting point for the real story, so… I’m really excited. :) Thanks, Shingami-sama!

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