Hanamaru Kindergarden to Finish. Makes Way for a New One.

According to the announcement given in this 21st issue of Square Enix’s anthology titled “Young GanGan”, Yuto’s manga “Hanamaru Kindergarden” is finishing. It will be replaced by a new project by the same author which will begin in the publication’s second issue for 2012 to be released January 06. Before finishing, this little tale about the everyday lives of the small youths from the Hanamaru nursery can be happy to have inspired an anime television series in 2010. Yuto’s new project is still undisclosed, but we’re hoping to have more details before its start in January.

If you’re a big Yuto fan, then to not forget that you can still enjoy this mangaka’s other work entitled “Sis Plus” in Square Enix’s Monthly Big GanGan magazine.

Source: Comic Natalie

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