New Re-Prints of Mobile Suit Gundam Novels

California-based, Asia culture and literature-centred publisher Stone Bridge Press has stated that they will be re-releasing the Mobile Suit  Gundam novel by Yoshiuki Tomino. The three books will come out in Early 2012. This comes after the same company published an omnibus with the same works in 2004. They were than translated by Frederik L. Schodt.

Originally, “Awakening”,”Escalation” and “Confrontation” have been put on the market by Del Rey in 1990. The very first publishing of the books, in Japan, was realized by Asahi Sonorama in 1979. Being a tad different than the original Gundam series, they were bound to also have a reprint with a different content. This happened in 1987 when Kadokawa Shoten printed the changed version. The current English translation is based exactly on this modified variation.

Source: Anime News Network

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