A Change of Showrunners for the New Noir Movie

The new live-action television adaptation of the Japanese anime Noir will have a change of pace with a new showrunner. The person who managed to get this project greenlit and who has already taken care of quite a lot of things including the script of the upcoming work, Steven Lightfoot (Criminal Justice, Casualty), has been replaced by Sean Jablonski. Jablonski is famous for his work as an exclusive producer and writer in Nip/Tuck and writer and co-producer of Law & Order.

I don’t know if this is good or if it has been planned in the very beginning, but no matter from which side you look at this change, it does not look fair to delete the Lightfoot name off the credits’ list since he was the one to get the adaptation greenlit and has already set the path for a good project. yet, I am no Hollywood fanatic, so I cannot say it is uncommon or otherwise odd.

Source: Digital Spice

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