Zetman Manga with TV Anime Next Spring UPDATED

According to what was written on the wraparound band on the current, 16th volume, of Masakazu Katsura’s (Tiger & Bunny, DNA2, Tsubasa) manga Zetman, the story will be adapted into an anime TV series. There is barely enough place on the band for this information, so director, screenwriter, seiyuu and theme songs are still unknown. All we know is that in April 2012, a lot of Zetman fans will be in front of their TVs in Japan and the computer screens if the anime is also licensed for a simulcast.

Zetman is a story about a common young boy named Jin and his common life with his grandfather in the poor sides of a certain country. There, near the river, everything is common and ordinary, until one day, an odd and extraordinary monster, calling himself “Player” appears and starts killing whoever stand sin his way, no matter if they are there to fight him or just because of trying to run away.

The manga has been serialized by Young Jump, a weekly magazine by Shueisha.

Update: The director shall be Osamu Nabeshima, famous for his work at directing none other show but D.Gray Man itself. And if you think this project cannot start to sound even better, then think again for the screenwriter is noted to be Atsuhiro Tomioka whose mind has created the scripts of Samurai 7, Trinity Blood and … Pokemon the TV series. TMS Entertainment will handle the production. (Sourc for the update: Comic Natalie)

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

6 thoughts on “Zetman Manga with TV Anime Next Spring UPDATED

  1. Anything that has something to do with D. Gray Man gets my vote of trust. At least for 5 episodes. I’m honestly unaware of the manga, but seeing the support it gets here, as well as the fact that is HAS something to do with my all-time favourite anime means…

    I Should Be Watching… ;)

  2. Something interesting at last! Thought companies only care about little girls and boys that love pantsu, moe and ecchi.

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