Rose of Versailles – Flavoured Chips

According to a news brief by Fruente’s snack maker Koikeya, there will be a new rose-scented and vinegar-flavoured chips on the market. The product is inspired by the historical shoujo manga entitled  The Rose of Versailles. The mass-production and distribution of the new Suppa Muucho Chips in Japan will begin November 7, 2011.

For those of you who haven’t met this label before, Suppa Muucho Chips, literally meaning Super Sour Chips from Japanese/Spanish/English, is a chips brand providing the Japanese people with odd flavor choices such as sour chips with Ume (plum) or just the classic simple combination of vinegar and salt. The new flavour is a bow to all the female consumers of the brand’s tastiness, who are said to be a lot more than the males.

The new product will be made using Hokkaido potatoes and pink rock rose salt. According to the producers, it is “overflowing with lavishness” … Whatever that could mean for a snack.


Source: Anime News Network

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6 thoughts on “Rose of Versailles – Flavoured Chips

  1. I sometimes think Asians have different food receptors than Europeans… Can’t imagine someone would eat this around here…

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