Ever 17 Game’s Remake for Xbox 360 (Video)

After the success that the original Ever 17: The Out of Infinity for PlayStation and Dreamcast by KID, released in 2002, it was no wonder Hirameki International released a PC version. This time around, we are faced with an entirely new development of the game, which will be executed by none other but 5pb. and Cyberfront that (combined) stand behind such gaming franchises as Chaos; Head, Steins; Gate, Princess Maker and Memories Off.

The video that can be seen below is the actual opening theme song and opening animation sequence of the game. It shows just a tiny bit of action and quite a lot of in-game characters. There is also quite a nice touch, letting us into the atmosphere.

The opening theme song performer is KOKOMI (part of circle Asriel) whocoverarts are often related to Japanese manga and anime culture. The ending theme song performance is performed by Asami Imai (Nyan Koi! ED, Kuttsukiboshi OAV main and more).




The new game Ever 17 for Xbox 360 is set for a regular and limited editions on December 1, 2011. The regular edition will cost 7,140 Japanese yen or roughly 68 euro and the limited edition, bundle with a 2-disk original OST will be worth 9,240 Japanese yen or roughly 88 euro.


Source: Anime News Network

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      1. Exactly. It would look fine as an anime too, though. But they’ll need to pimp it up if they’re going to make it since the game is half-anime… lots of changes would be needed to make it interesting a second time around.

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