Can K-GINI Become Bigger than Hatsune Miku? (Video)

Here we are, having an attempt to get Hatsune Miku down from her throne and get the title of “Artificial Idol No 1” from her. But will it work?

K-GINI is the first virtual 3D k-pop performer that strikes the big public as something that can actually make a run for Miku Hatsune’s title as the best in the category. But is it also not because it is the first so widely announced virtual k-pop artist? Maybe. K-GINI is licensed by OCTAVE SOUL, a production studio found in Shibuya, Tokyo. The debut single entitled “Gini” will be released on the Japanese market November 16, 2011. In the playlist of the CD there are four covers of popular K-pop songs including those f Girls’ Generation and KARA.

The first video that was released is called “Jetcoaster Love”. You can see the PV below.



I am not going to tell you anything about lip-synchronization, hand-size, belly-button (missing? is it something like with Westerners and nipples in Korea?) the typical school-girl fetish, the hairdo that looks like Hatsune Miku-san’s but single and so on. I am just going to repost one of the Japanese virtual idol’s songs below.

9 thoughts on “Can K-GINI Become Bigger than Hatsune Miku? (Video)

  1. I believe Japan has much wider idea of what otaku and gamers would like, plus a much longer history in delivering it. Therefore Hatsune Miku’s a phenomena, unlike her K-Pop version that is merely an imitation of a computer person with bad lip sinc, creepy hands and no belly button.

    1. Plus, Japan’s braver – they risked it with an entirely new concept and unique vision – a green-haired girl with unusual looks. They didn’t bet on a blonde bombshell… Boring, Korea, boring…

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