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Here are all the latest announcements from the New York Anime Fest whose last day is currently going on in the Big Apple!

ViZ Media has announced the licensing of several very popular manga series in different genre categories. Their titles are: Loveless by Yun Kouga, MM9 Light Novel by Hiroshi Yamamoto and also Jiujiu manga by Touya Tobina.

The distributor has also announced they will be releasing the InuYasha : The Final Act for home video (DVD and Blu-Ray Disk), to be on the market next year.

Here is some general information about the above three written works:

Loveless is a manga serialized by Comic ZERO-SUM written by Yun Kouga. It was first published in 2002. SInce then, it has definitely lived quite a remarkable life: one of the world’s most enigmatic and memorable yaoi stories was turned into an anime series, which on its side turned out to be one of the favourites of the shounen-ai fans. The story of young Ritsuka Aoyagi and his late brother’s ‘partner’ in whatever odd things they were doing Soubi Agatsuma is one of passion, love, hate, action and a lot of fantasy. It does have its flaws and negative sides, but a efinite favourite pass-time of the young girls who have a thing for shounen-ai and guys with cat ears.

Bought from Tokyopop. Volume 9 to come out June, 2012; Volume 10 – October, 2012.

JiuJiu is a manga serialized by Hana to Yume. Considered one of the best eye-catchers in the recent action-based shoujo stories, it is often named as one of the mangaka’s best works, although not entirely the same style as Tobina Touya usually draws. The story revolves around Hachiouji Takamichi who was born into a hunting family and after losing her twin-brother, she takes on the heir’s work. As tradition says, she needs to take a half-human and half-animal familiars to help her on the monster hunts. In her case, they’re half-wolves named Setsu and Yuugure. They are her JiuJiu, but it s questionable if she can manage to take care of them and control their bad habits after they grow up.

Volume 1 to come out July,2012; Volume 2 – October,2012.

MM9 (MM9 stands for Monster Magnitude 9, considering the magnitude levels in earthquakes takes to 10, this should be a very high rate)  is a science-fiction novel by Hiroshi Yamamoto. It tells the story of a devastated Japan, constantly attacked by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods as well as fires, but also monster attacks. There are groups to fight the monster invaders though, especially the official bureau Meteorological Agency Counter Anomalous Organism Unit (MCU).

E-book and print editions to come out January, 2012.


Additionally, at the end of the panel, another pretty cute surprise was noted: the rights for Mameshiba We Could Be Heroes! have been bought! It will be released on the North American market for just $6.99 in July, 2012. There will also be an activity book entitled “How to Be the Best Friend Ever” which will come out in August, 2012. There is also a sticker book planned, but no dates were announced about it.

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Shinigami-sama !There’s so much going on in New York at the moment, it’s hard for me to keep up! It’s great to come to your site and have all the interesting subjects discussed and systematic.
    Please, do continue…

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