New Code Geass Project Announced by Sunrise UPDATED

Thankfully, because of the world wide web and the lovely Twitter, even us small souls who cannot be present for one reason or another at the New York Anime Fest happening right now in the Big Apple, can understand what is happening in this very moment. Crunchyroll announced on its official Twitter account that Sunrise has shared information about the new Code Geassproject.Its name is believed to be Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito and nothing about either C.C., Lelouch Lamperouge or Suzaku has been mentioned.

I know this isn’t something entirely new, but not having any doubts is what we should celebrate right now.

According to the scarce information, the director of the animated adaptation of CLAMP’s internationally loved story about Britannia and the odd eye powers that Geass give to their wielders will be Kazuki Akane famous for his work on Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e and Escaflowne. Unfortunately for many fans of the Code Geass franchise this means that a lot of changes will happen for all previous animated TV series were directed by Goro Tanguchi.AT least the production company is the same…

The other piece of information released in this gracious twit was that the project has officially been given a date, though we don’t know it in it entirety. It is sometime next year (2012).

If any additional information is available, this post shall be updated and moved higher on the page.

*pinky promise*

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.
EDIT: According to some sources who have also been present at the event, the project mentioned is a different one than Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito. Further details are still unavailable.

10 thoughts on “New Code Geass Project Announced by Sunrise UPDATED

  1. I always hoped they’ll continue the story in another country, with other people, Lelouch and CC being the lead characters… Hope it’s still possible, otherwise they’re killing it.

  2. I’m about to agree with InStyle and Lulubel… Who needs another Guilty Crown, this time using even the Code Geass name? The blue-haired guy warrior and 6th generation Knightmares might be great, but the best thing in Code Geass was never that, it was always psychological and mind games + secret supernatural powers – Lelouch and CC. Without them, the series should be named otherwise.

  3. As much as I love Code Geass, from the first time I’ve heard about this “gaiden” a.k.a side story, I was really disappointed they’ll name it R3, like it’s a third season. Not right.
    I only hope they don’t corrupt one of the best productions in he anime world with greedy overuse of its name.

    1. Yeah…it’s like Bleach making a filler season without Ichigo or Naruto without Sasuke and Naruto… Sounds ridiculous, tbh.

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