Youkai Warch First Trailer Streamed (Video)

The first ever promotional video of the upcoming Youkai Watch anime, manga and game has been officially streamedby Level-5’s YoutubeChannel. Although there is a certain similarity between Ben Ten and what is shown in the video, I have to generally apologize for insinuating too big a similarity.

Anyway, let’s continue with what we can see in this 3:44min long video.

First, there are a lot of scenes from what seems to be the anime TV series as well as some gameplay action from the game, which looks quite a cutsey! There is some basic information about the story we can get. In addition to the facts that we knew already (such as the ghost-like friend of the main character Keita called Whisper and that the watch allows Keita to see youkai) we can say that the watch is somehow won by Keita from a totally misplaced vending machine. (yey!) With its help Keita can see all the unique and odd youkai in the world surrounding him: from the kappa in his own bath to the akuma that makes the man on the street depressed. There are even friendly youkai such as the nekomata that becomes a type of a Persona (Persona 4 reference) that Keita can call out of his watch in order to fight evl youkai.

Here it is, the video you’ve all been waiting for… maybe.

Source: YouTube

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

4 thoughts on “Youkai Warch First Trailer Streamed (Video)

  1. Looks like it has a lot more humour than Ben Ten. It’s typical for USA to take silly stories too serious and for Japan to add some comedy to myths, fantasy and sci-fi. Won’t be a masterpiece, but still – I believe it will find an audience.

      1. So what? 10 year-olds need anime too. And not every story needs to be an amazing one, so why not make a mediocre plot-wise but nice to watch anime?
        It’s much better that what are they doing with Code Geass… (if it is what we all believe and not just an OVA/movie/alternative series)

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