Tsuyoshi Nonaka to Be at Pacific Media Expo 2011

Very good news for those who live inside or around Los Angeles… or everyone that is planning to go there next month!

Tsuyoshi Nonaka, the animator and mechanical designer of many mecha and other science-fictional characters and events in anime, will attend the 2011 Pacific Media Expo in Hilton, Los Angeles Airport, LA, CA. His works include designs in D.I.C.E., the Mazinkaiser SKL OVAs and more. He has worked in Bandai for over 20 years as designer of robots and such toys, creation and planning of them and also participation in the animating process. The event will happen from November 11 through November 13. Nonaka-san will have a signing session and a focus panel.

In the last years, he has been very active on the convention scene attending the Seattle’s Sakura Convention and being listed as a guest in the Anime Weekend Atlanta, although cancelled this last visit before the convention.

Source: Anime News Network

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