Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma’s Mangaka Kaoru Mori at Work (Video)

Oh how grateful we are to have actual videos of one of the popular Japanese mangaka while at work. At work, as I see it, signifies the time when these artists are drawing no matter if it’s about a manga, while riding the train or while resting in the park – a mangaka is one of the few people where beauty and art meet work. After having shared a few videos of Kaoru Mori’s drawings at a signing session, I can now proudly say I am sharing even more videos of the work of this internationally acknowledged artists!

Have you ever wondered how the artists behind popular Japanese manga manage to draw beautiful images such as this one:

(c) Comic Natalie, Kaoru Mori

Now you can see it first hand! In the videos the author is drawing the lead character form her Otoyomegatari manga – the 20-year-old Amira Hergal. You can see the whole process (and all the tricks used) from the very first scratch with the pencil to the inking of the final image, shadows and lightning effects.

The videos appeared in one of the biggest Japanese manga news portals Comic Natalie and we are very thankful to them for sharing.

(videos can be seen below)

Source: Comic Natalie

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      1. Totally. I also thank you very, very much for sharing those videos with us, Shinigami-sama. Hope at least few people think before they rant about their favourite author taking a break…

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