Bara to Ookami Manga by Jun Yuzuki

Jun Yuzuki, famous for his Gakuen Prince manga series, has not been slacking around in the past months! His new project entitled Bara to Ookami (Rose and Wolf) was just released in the November issue of Bessatsu Friend, a shoujo manga magazine by Kodansha. After the end of Yuzuki’s Gakuen Prince shoujo manga in June, fans of his works were quite concerned about what they’d have to read when their favourite author’s manga has finished. Fear not, dear readers, for he has obviously been working on this new project ever since.

The story of this romantic comic with a fantasy twist is somewhat interesting, although based on the same skeleton as all shoujo romantic stories…

The events happen within the walls of one of the most elite and qualitative boarding school in Japan, Sumeragi academy where young Futaba Yoshino takes an odd liking towards the second-year sempai Kouga Kiriya. Due to unforeseen circumstances and quite a lot of quirk occasions, the two of them end up being as close as friends, or maybe something else?

Although all the similarities between Zero Kiriya and the academy from Vampire Knight, this is the work of a totally different mangaka (Matsuri Hino’s the one behind Vampire Knight). In other words, the plot is so exhausted, only shoujo-die-hards would like it. However, there is nothing bad about it since shounens are too quite alike.


Source: Comic Natalie

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3 thoughts on “Bara to Ookami Manga by Jun Yuzuki

  1. I don’t actually care about shoujo, honestly. If it brought something extra – like an interesting character and/or development, I would give it a go, but I have to agree with Shinigami-sama that this is just for the die-hards…

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