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Thanks to Shinigami-sama, I finally decided to add up to my participation in this amazing place and show you my very own Top 5. My first selection consists of the creatures I find particularly amazing – demons. Whatever you say, they’re far more diverse than vampires and far more ancient than most of the legendary beings that people fear. Having in mind that’s anime we’re speaking of, demons are not just a bunch of scarecrows – they’re fun, strong and somewhat integrated into the human world… They’re also weird, famous and full of quirks, but when it comes to strength – they’re always in the top spot. Don’t expect you to agree with my choices, but I hope you do like some of the demons I liked for this list, because they’re as versatile as it gets. No, there’s no Beelzebub, sorry.

Clare, Claymore

Even though I admit to have not finished the series yet, I can’t miss the only lady, worthy to be called a demon – Miss Clare. Skimpy outfit, perfect figure, fighter stance and an incredible cold stare. Who can deny that this youma (妖魔) deserves to be in the chart? Actually, many of you might not define her kind as demons, but that’s what they’re believed to be – supernatural creatures that can hide amongst humans, while feeding with their intestines… Clare is actually part of the Claymore organisation that consists of half-youma, who posses supreme power and work as hired warriors to help people defeat the 100% youma.  I also give kudos to Clare for her ability to guard the love for humans (even though she puts the cold face on), while being feared by them and constantly called “a monster”. If you still wonder why is Clare cool, I’ll only tell you this – an amazingly pretty woman with supreme speed, power, durability and regeneration abilities that fights side by side with “the good ones”.  Any objections?

Demon Eyes Kyo, Samurai Deeper Kyo

I will admit people still tend to wonder if Onime No Kyo (鬼眼の狂) is an actual demon or just one hell of a great samurai, blessed with the gift of immortality and illusion casting… I’m one of the people who believe Kyo’s power as human made him turn into a demon after his physical death. Onime No Kyo is the slayer of a thousand samurai, whose soul refuses to give up and die. Taught by Muramasa in the art of Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Satsujin Ken (The Dark Wind of God Murdering Sword Technique), Kyo is unmatched on the battlefield and usually doesn’t really care who he kills and why. Not only Demon Eyes Kyo murders the legendary warlord Oda Nobunaga, but he defeats an actual Demon king too. Kyo’s also known for weirdly “possessing” the body of the boring Kyoshiro Mibu, who acts as his mysterious host… Sounds quite demonic to me.

Rin Okumura, Ao No Exorsist

Can we go higher in the demon food chain than the son of Satan? He might not be as skilful as Kyo or as beautiful as Clare, but Rin found his place in the otaku hearts with his uncanny boyish cuteness and his unbreakable will to protect the weak.  Born by a human mother and the Devil himself, Rin is raised by a priest and a leading fighter against evil – Shiro Fujimoto. Later on, little Rin enrols in the True Cross Academy Exorcist School, where he meets the challenge to know and tame his own power. If you can’t see the demon in Rin, when comparing him to his top exorcist twin Yukio, you’ll be seriously surprised at times. Just try hurting poor Shiemi Moriyama and little Rin will burn the world with the legendary Blue Flames of evil that make him The Blue Exorsist (青の祓魔師)… Kurikara – his demon-slaying katana takes care of sealing his powers, while young Rin prepares himself for the battle between the earthly kingdom Assiah and the dark world Gehenna… What’s precious about this demon is his childishness and clumsiness, so you’ll love him if you don’t expect an overwhelming display of skills.

Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji

Admit it – it’s been a long time, since a couple has captured so much otaku attention as the combination between the powerful demon Black Butler (黒執事) and his master Ciel Phantomhive. Mr. Kuroshitsuji is tall, young and handsome, with impeccable servant attire and skills. The only “glitch” about him is that he’s really a demon, who made a contract with little Ciel to help him avenge his family. In exchange of that, the butler gets the master’s pure soul. Otherwise, Sebastian is the epitome of a demon – black nails, red eyes, inhuman strength, speed and durability. His essential demon form reassembles that of a human-devil-crow hybrid, revealing claws, huge black feathers and high-heeled boots… The charming combination of role-play and a powerful creature who acts as a servant proves to be a successful one and is quite enough for me to call Mr. Black Butler one of the top demons of today’s anime world.

Dante, Devil May Cry

If you may call a demon cheeky – that’s what best describes Dante from Devil May Cry (デビル メイ クライ). A powerful demon hunter, he’s half a demonic creature himself. He’s a mercenary, addicted to Strawberry Sundae and a proud owner of a pair of custom-made black (Ebony) and white (Ivory) pistols, as well as a sword named Rebellion, he carries around in a guitar case… What Dante does best (besides demon killing, that is…) is to spend his money on no-matter-what, to make stupid bets and to take loans from the weirdest people possible. There are so many things about Dante that scream he’s a hero from a shooter game that counting them down is useless. However, his Hellsing-like outfit and his bad boy charm are irresistible, especially combined with top killing skills and bad boy attitude… If you’re still not convinced in Dante’s skills, just remember poor Patty Lowell, he’s taking care of and give him a chance.

My special 6th spot goes to an undying classic – Inuyasha (犬夜叉) – the half-demon (from the homonymous anime) with the incredible Tetsusaiga sword that can slay any other supernatural creature. If you love your demons funny and powerful and haven’t seen at least some episodes from the 2000 demonic fantasy saga, you should just do it. Now. If you don’t mind the cat years, of course…

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