Tokyopop to Publish Manga Once More

I know that everyone who reads this blog definitely knows at least something about the devastating bankruptcy and closing of the North American manga publishing branch of one of the most important companies in the non-Japanese otaku world Tokyopop. A lot has happened since that moment on, some of the manga series that were being distributed and translated by the company were bought by other publishers and others, the not so famous ones, were left to decay in the old archives. The hopes of the fans, though, might be not as unjustified as it seemed by now for not only a new @Tokyopopmanga twitter account has been created and serially updated, but on it there is a message telling the fans that the company is back in business.

According to this new Twitter account, Tokyopop will be back with new titles very soon (though no exact dates are mentioned), it is also hoping that it would manage to get back the rights over the titles they have lose after the closing of the branch. Following the successful path of publishers such as VizMedia, the new projects will supposedly be released in both digital and paper variations.

Aren’t all the English-speakers around the world happy for the news? Especially since there are as many volumes still to be published and whose rights are still unregistered in English?

Source: Twitter

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

5 thoughts on “Tokyopop to Publish Manga Once More

  1. Hmmm….that’s weird. What changed in few months? New owners? Will the mangaka sell the rights back to the company that once mislead them? Don’t get me wrong – I was extremely sad that a manga company failed to assure revenues, but that development is really strange so little time after the bankruptcy announcement. Couldn’t they wait and make things better?!

    1. Weird indeed, but I’m sure they’ll give some kind of an explanation soon. I would love to believe it is good news.

      1. They probably found sponsorship. Good news indeed. As for the mangaka, I’m sure they’ll be happy to give it another shot. :)

    2. Actually, the rights belong to the Japanese publishers and not exactly the mangaka have to give them or not. I am certain that Tokyopop will have a hard time convincing the original publishers they are reliable this time around. I mean, what makes them sure that if next year publishing money are not justified by sales, they won’t close once more?

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