Final Fantasy XIII-2 : 7 minutes-long trailer (Video)

7 minutes and sixteen seconds of pure of typical Final Fantasy-style amazingnesswere just released on the official IGN Entertainment YouTube Channel. The video promotes the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 role-play game. According to what we see in the trailer, there will definitely be a lot of special effects, huge splatters of mesmerizing colours and inter-character drama. For those of you who are expecting to read something more useful out of this post, here it is:

this will be the return of the Chocobo racing; casino slot machines will also appear in the game. The installment will be released by Square Enix for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Japan December 15,2011 while the USA market will get it January 31, 2012. In Europe, the fans of the FF franchise will get their hands on the retailer version after every other region, on February 03, 2012.

(video can be seen below)




Source: YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 : 7 minutes-long trailer (Video)

    1. True, true, but the franchise is undoubtedly good. Plastic people talking – I mean…wow! And slot-machines… O-M-F-G!!!!

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