Fairy Tail with New Movie

Fairy Tail is a popular franchise that has sprouted from a tiny, little manga project of Hiro Mashima (also Rave Master) and became a huge tree with 3 original DVDs, anime TV series. Now, after just a little bit of a pause when it comes to news about the franchise, we got to understand that there will also be a movie based on the manga serialized by Kodansha, who previously has bought the rights in English for this from the Del Rey publisher after the 12th volume, the last to be on the market bearing the Del Rey markings.

There is still not too much information about the upcoming release that will continue telling the story of the magical folks within the Fairy Tail guild, except that it will come out next August 18 and tat it will be based on the main story. The whole plot, the script and even theme songs are still unannounced. Even the director is unknown for the time being!

Shinigami-sama will keep you posted!

Source: Anime News Network

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