Yutaka Yamamoto’s New Project Based on the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

According to an interview, posted in Ultra Jump Egg’s official website, Yutaka Yamamoto’s new project will be based off on the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) that happened March 11, 2011. There is hardly any way this wouldn’t happen since events such as great earthquakes, wars and other malicious occasions often end up being filled with extreme feelings and pain, as well as the joy of finding out that someone you love has survived it. As an example we can name Haruki Murakami’s novel entitled After the Quake, Grave of the Fireflies by Studio Ghibli’s Isao Takahata and many more. Yutaka Yamamoto himself is quite popular mostly due to his work on Fractacle and Kannagi.

The new project will not be another anime about how to escape reality and turn to the safety of fiction and fantasy realms for according to Yamamoto, the anime industry has turned into an example of escapism and illusion while in real life, things are not nice. Yamamoto thinks that anime should commit to reality and help on the way to rediscovering not only the world around us and human nature, but everything that the world is and Nature as a whole. The new project is expected to also take this issue carefully and delicately. It will be, as said in the interview, an entirely new kind of art and look upon reality, a breakthrough work for both director Yamamoto and anime culture as a whole.

No dates and plans for the release of the new animated work were mentioned.

Even in the past, Yutaka Yamamoto has been very occupied and related to the events following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Dishinsai). He not only joined the volunteer-helper in aiding tsunami-struck Shichigahama (Kannagi’s mangaka Eri Takenashi’s hometown and a base for a lot of what’s happening in his work), but also officially confronted Tokyo’s governor Shintarou Ishihara’s absurd statement of how it ‘was a divine punishment for the selfish Japanese nation’.


Source: Anime News Network

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7 thoughts on “Yutaka Yamamoto’s New Project Based on the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

  1. They better do it, before the Americans take the occasion and make another crappy production…So – go ahead, Yamamoto-san!

    1. You’ve said it.

      I really wouldn’t want someone else to make a story out of the purely Japanese event and some nations are prone to stealing other nations’ stories and making omney out of bad storytelling.

      1. Yeah… I even see Megan Fox running with a baby in her arms, wearing Geisha-style make-up… Wait a minute…she might even get an Oscar for this…

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