Kadokawa Purchases Media Factory

About 76 million euros were the agreed price of the Media Factory publisher of Da Vinci, Comic Flapper, Monthly Comic Gene and Monthly Comic Alive  magazines and some manga volumes, also the main retailer of Pokemon merchandise. The deal between Kadokawa Group Holdings (Kadokawa GHD) and the original owners of the rights over the company Recruit Publishing was announced earlier today. The Media Factory employees will be kept as well as the president Toshiyuki Yoshihara. All in all, things at Media Factory will be kept in the same way as they have been before the ownership change, or at least so it would seem for now.

Media Factory’s magazines and other published media will join the list of Kadokawa items Kadokawa Shoten, Fujimi Shobo, Enterbrain and ASCII Media Works.


Source: Nikkei

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