Guilty Crown – Manga Adaptation

The monthly magazine Shounen Gangan  by Square Enix will begin the serialization of a manga adaptation of the already popular anime TV series Guilty Crown, which is still to be aired (starting October 13, 2011)! The art of the new project will be done by Shion Midzuki and the story will be written by Yousuke Miyagi. The issue of the magazine will be released on the market on Wednesday. On this day a preview including the first chapter of the manga will become available on the official Square Enix’s Gangan magazine website.

It is mesmerizing to be a part of such events, even if only announcing them. How incredible the manga and anime professional community is to think as much in advance as these fellows do – think about it, they have planned the manga based on the anime even without being certain if the TV series will become popular and/or liked. I just hope that after all this promotion and advertising, the project won’t turn out to be a failure.

Source: Gangan Website

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

5 thoughts on “Guilty Crown – Manga Adaptation

  1. Production I. G. and FUNimation stand behind the series, so I believe they won’t allow it to slip. I’m not really into the plot, though. Too many similarities to the recently aired Persona 04 and many, many others, maybe even Code Geass…

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