Shinigami-sama Entered Kuroshitsuji!

Finally (for many of you) I have managed to get my fellow shinigami of the Shinigami Haken Kyoukai (Shinigami Dispatch Society) to give me a photo. Moreover, they not only gave me one, we took one together!

These fellow… priceless. Even after being as busy as they were these past few months, they invited me to Undertaker, under the pretext that I had to choose an image from the ones he would suggest me. When I got there… they were all assembled and awaiting my arrival for a photo session!!!! It was so cute that I couldn’t say no, even though I wasn’t prepared for being photographed. Anyways, all of my closest Kuroshitsuji Friends are there!

Ronald Knox, Alan Humphries, William T. Spears, Eric Slingby, Grell Sutcliffe. Lawrence Anderson was also there, even though he declined being in the grabs of Undertaker and took the photo himself. They all gave me special thanks for the publicity (such celebrities!) and many “Hellos” to my readers (you). In other words, even though we were all very busy, with them supervising all musicals, OVAs, the manga (all documentaries) and me having to seek news and interesting stuff for you, darlings, we managed to drink some tea and laugh a lot (you see Undertaker is a huge fun with friends, he didn’t even ask from us to make him laugh and then accept us into his lair!!!!)

So, that’s it for this occasion of a new addition to my photo album. The image can be seen right after all other great photos and other images of my friend-shinigami!


12 thoughts on “Shinigami-sama Entered Kuroshitsuji!

    1. Yes! Just what I thought! I called him for some pictures and then, some days after, he comes up with all the Dispatch Association in his place, waiting to take a photo! He must be even mightier than I thought

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