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Chimamire My Love (My Blood-stained Love) is one of the first official big digital media project to be made. The anime/manga hybrid for portable devices such as the iPad and also, in the future, Android mobile devices. The man behind this is Mamoru Oshii. Sounds familiar? Why not since he is also director of such anime as: Ghost in the Shell, Sky Crawlers and the live-action movie Stray Dog.

Chimamire My Love is about a teenage high-school student who meets a girl through a blood donation site. She is in desperate need of donors and he is the one who will gather them and provide her as much of the precious liquid as possible. The comedy factor is that she is actually a vampire. Can you imagine how she plans to use the blood?

The project will premiere at the largest international short-film festival in the world, the Clermont-Ferrand, France in February, 2012.

Source: Hochi

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8 thoughts on “Chimamire My Love Digital

  1. Honestly? I find that craving for creating iPhone and iPad movies sad. Why do we need this? An anime is an anime, you can watch all on iPad, Why push it?

    1. I get your point, but staying on TV will make us retarded in time… It’s just like our grandparents, complaining on how no one reads anymore… It’s inevitable and not bad at all. Plus, it’s all technology, no need to get melancholic about it.

      1. Great explanation! Kudos for it. Once upon a time, I can still remember with tears in my eyes, we used to write with quills on parchment (eco-friendly of course ; ) ) and I so missed it when we changed to pens and pencils and so on… But even I am used to it now. I even have a tablet!!!

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