Level E レベルE Anime Review: How Stupid is Baka Ouji?

What I would like to say first is that this is not going to be a usual review for me. The reason is that now’s my first time writing about an anime I actually didn’t quite like… I will, however, try giving you my respectful reasons for this dislike and at the same time present you the series as informatively as possible.

Let me start with the fact that Level E is a story, based on the 16-chapter manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, published far, far back in time in 1995-1997 by the mighty Shounen Jump. Togashi-san is actually the guy behind Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter.  The story was actually re-released in 2009, as part of the Shueisha Jump Remix magazine-style books. Having said that, I will proceed to the anime that became reality in 2011 and was completed in the fatal 13 episodes…

Actually, the characters there get a bit of a modern feel  by Itsuko Takeda (Afro Samurai, Basilisk etc.), but still keep their endearing old-school vibe. The story revolves around the witty genius with mega annoying character, called Baka Ki El Dogra, who’s actually the leader of the great Planet Dogra and head of some sort of a planetary council that decides the future of the Universe… The prince is often referred to as “Baka Ouji”  – a pun between Prince Baka (as his name is) and Stupid Prince (what the phrase means in Japanese). So, the prince actually crashes on Earth on his way from escaping responsibility and he therefore briefly loses his memory. This takes him on a visit to high school baseball star Yukitaka Tsutsui…

There, the story starts. The “earthling” hates the alien because he messes up his life, but wants to keep him safe… Nothing unusual for a shounen anime.  There’s a hero-antihero, a conflict, a funny subordinate (Royal Guard captain Kraft), an arch-rival etc., etc. What’s really unique is the indefinite genius of Baka Ouji – renown to have the worst personality in the Universe, but regrettably combined with the biggest brain…

I will not tell you all the funny and witty things the prince did during the series. I will only tell you that the first few episodes were a thrilling experience with constant laughter outbursts…at least for me. Poor straight-as-an-arrow Captain Kraft was constantly mocked by the selfish genius who he utterly hates but is obliged to guard. Teenage baseball star’s life was really messed-up after the outer-space prince ended up in his room and few school nerds got “revamped” as weird super heroes, so they can take part in a game where the prince is a princess…

What made this anime special was the lead character. You rarely find a person, so endearingly annoying that you can’t stop yourself from watching him. Baka Ouji is so smart that you can’t hate his humour, even when it’s painful to you. During the series, you honestly start believing him to be the only creature that can ruin anyone’s plans and outwit every adversary.

Regrettably, at the end, the biggest advantage of the series turned out to be its greatest disadvantage. Prince Baka wasn’t present in some of the episodes and that led to a loss of pace, humour and glamour. I would add extra weight to my words by waving the spoiler flag, while telling you that I was totally disappointed on how the series ended. Actually, the mighty annoying genius got totally owned by a woman…   What a sad, sad day it was when the universe lost its genius of humour.

As an ending, I would love to add that if you are wondering whether to watch the anime – please do, so you’ll get to know one unique character, but please, skip some minutes and preferably the last episode.

If you’ve seen it already and are also disappointed like me, I advise you not to look for comfort in the manga. The anime is really close to its plot and the only extra you’ll get is the last 16th chapter that is not even fun to read…

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Thanks, Death Scythe, for yet another great Review!

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  1. Great review, Death Scythe! You summed-up my thought better than I could… Not sure if that speaks good of me, tough. :D

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