Shinigami-sama Entered Touhou Project

Hello, everyone! Remember when I told you that while I was working overtime I met with a colleague of mine? Yes, the really lazy one that was trying to sneak out of work once more? Well, I have finally uploaded the photo we took at the beach right when we met. I was still in my cloud! It seems like Komachi Onozuka-chan had a friend with her and he was just playing a photographer for a summery photo session of hers. I ended up being in the picture. If you don’t know who she is, I shall do you a little recap…

Thou Project is a danmaku shooting game with a 2d action graphics and 3d backgrounds. Onozuka-chan is just one of the main characters in the world known as Gensoukyou. She has a lot of friends and enemies too, even in the show she takes part in. To be honest, even in real life she is known as the laziest shinigami there is. Such a shame, she does seem a nice company to have around you while working…

Anyways, to see the picture of us two, you should check my Photo Album called Shinigami of the World.

To be useful, I shall link you to the official Touhou Project website and also share a favourite Touhou-based video of mine. Naturally, all rights belong to the appropriate owners :)

official video at NicoNicoDouga

Official Touhou Project Website

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13 thoughts on “Shinigami-sama Entered Touhou Project

  1. Thanks for making us part of the meeting and showing one of my favourite videos ever. :) We’ll be expecting more shinigami photos, though…

    1. it is my photo album, you know.. There will be more photos :)
      Moreover, I have arranged it with several friends of mine to send me their photos, so I will be updating even more throughout the next few days.

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