Vampire Princess Manga to End

According to the announcement released in the latest issue of the manga serialized by Flex Comix, Toshiki Hirano and Narumi Kakinouchi‘s Vapire Princess manga will find its end within the next chapter. The exact date of the new and last chapter of the latest stories in this horror fantasy franchise is still not named, but if the publishers follow the tradition it should come out not earlier than December 1, 2011 when the current chapter’s availability is expiring.

(c)Flex Comix, Toshiki Hirano-san,Narumi Kakunoichi-san

The story is also a base for a 4-episode OAV entitled Vampire Princess Miyu that AIC released from 1989 through 1989 and also an anime TV series by AnimEigo released in North America in 1992-1994. There are also two other manga series going in the same universe and by the same authors.

Source: Manga News Twitter

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  1. Who’s Toshiki Hirano? I knew it’s Narumi Kakinouchi’s work, both story and art… Good to discover the truth at the moment the manga ends. Irony…

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