Kakugo no Sasume Manga with a Spinoff Kaika No Susume

The spinoff of Takayuki Yamaguchi’s Kakugo no Sasume manga began serialization in Wednesday’s issue of Champion RED Ichigo by Akita Shoten. The new story is created by Shizuku Ichigono (Hiyoko Gohan) is named Kaika no Susume and is based upon the same alternate reality as the original. This look upon the current Japanese capital city of Tokyo shows us a world where attacks by monsters are everyday life. We follow the young Tomoe Kurosu as her brother suffers an accident and has to move to live in a ruined district in the outskirts of town.

Source: Comic Natalie

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3 thoughts on “Kakugo no Sasume Manga with a Spinoff Kaika No Susume

  1. This has nothing or too little to do with the original Apocalypse Zero. It’s a gory tale about 2 brothers destined to kill each other…not a little girl.

    1. I get where you’re going to, man. I mean – why use the name, while obviously aiming to a totally different target?

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