New Manga by CLAMP to be Serialized by Kadokawa

Phew, I come back from reaping and so much is there to be told!

It seems like CLAMP (Code Geass, Blood-C, xxxHolic etc.)  have suddenly reawaken after being quite dormant these past few months. I know that they have been working on their projects, but we’re in a definite need of a new anime based on their works. And I am not speaking about the new Blood-C movie.

According to the news at Comic Natalie, the new series are called “Drag and Drop” and will be published in Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine. The story will be launched November 4, 2011. The title has been modified from “Gohou Drug”. After a long pause, the story has been continued. The issue’s colour cover will be illustrated by CLAMP and based on the new series.

The story is about people who dare to work behind he scenes of a ‘green pharmacy’ or a drug supplying store.


Source: Comic Natalie

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

All rights to the images belong to CLAMP and Kadokawa as well as every rightful owner. Used onyl to promote the lovely designs and popularize the manga!

7 thoughts on “New Manga by CLAMP to be Serialized by Kadokawa

  1. The promo looks a bit too Shounen Ai-ish, so I stay primary excited about Moon Saga (Gackt!!!), but still – great news! :)

    1. I’ve actually read some of this one.Those dudes live over the drug store they work at. Too homoerotic for my liking, though… I believe it is indeed Shounen Ai.

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