Gusukobudori no Denki and Blood-C Movies with Governmental Funding

The Japanese government,  Agency for Cultural Affairs, stated in an official announcement on Friday that the Agency will be funding five projects from the Support Program for International Co-Production. Two anime movies are included in the list. They are Gususkobudori no Denki by Kenji Miyazawa and CLAMP’s Blood-C. Both projects will receive 50 million Japanese yen (around 490,000 euro) in order to be able to complete the production process. The movies are produced by, respectfully, Tezuka Productions and Production I.G.

Having in mind that Tezuka is the company behind Astro Boy, Neon Genesis Evangelion,Inuyasha, it makes Shinigami a sad reaper that they don’t have the possibility to complete projects on their own. As far as I can take it, the initial idea of such funding should’ve been to help beginning and newly born companies into the business. But the governmental funds are going to Tezuka Productions after they have stated that they are still behind around 50,000,000 JPY in order to be calm abou the project’s completion. Also, the Agency for Cultural Affairs are funding such huge projects as CLAMP’s Blood-C, a movie that has been set to be born ever since the anime TV series broadcasted.

Source: Anime News Network

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7 thoughts on “Gusukobudori no Denki and Blood-C Movies with Governmental Funding

  1. I would first like to say I’m really admiring a country that is contemporary and agile enough to realize that “culture” isn’t a static notion, but a concept that evolves in time.
    Therefore, anime is culture and should be supported by the government. I’m not surprised Japan is a country that actually knows and does that.
    What makes me wonder is whether that particular team needed extra funding. Anyway, the choice can be explained with a smart governmental choice to associate Japan with something that will mos definitely be successful.
    Great move and good luck to both – design & production team and the smart people governing Japan.

    1. You really have an opinion, don’t you…? That’s cool. Let’s invite people see that otaku can be smart too. *delete my comments before they come!!!!!*

    2. Noooo! I was serious! …And a bit jealous you posted before me. *bad people are to blame for making me work too much*

      1. LOL, I know what you mean, girl… Happy I wasn’t too pretentious. I just care a lot and sometimes it shows…

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