Shinobi 3DS StreetPass Gameplay (Video)

Shinobi 3DS StreetPass is the 12th game of SEGA’s ninja series. It was developed by Griptonite games and follows the battles that shinobi Joe Musashi has to fight in order to defeat the enemy. There is the classic side-scrolling style special for the predecessors of the game as well as all the past games and incorporates them into 3D visuals. The video, naturally, is a 2D one since the 3D can only be seen from a 3D monitor, as for example the SEGA one.

(video below)

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Shinobi 3DS StreetPass

4 thoughts on “Shinobi 3DS StreetPass Gameplay (Video)

  1. To me all those games look quite the same – slay, run, jump, slay… But I’can’t help it but buying them from my cousins – they love it. Guess I’m just not the age. :)

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