Awacon News! .Hack//Quantum and Guilty Crown

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According to the latest updates form Funimation’s twitter account, there have been quite a lot of new acquisitions by the production company. Everything coming hot and just out of Awacon’s oven! Awacon is an anime convention happening this September30th – October 2nd in Atlanta.

.Hack//Quantum is all ready to be distributed by FUNimation. According to the official statement the company has bought all home entertainment, theatrical, broadcast, digital, mobile and merchandise rights to the latest installment in the .hack franchise from Showgate. The OVA will be released in early 2012. The video is developed by Kinema Citrus Studio and directed by Masaki Tachibana (Noir, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0).

Guilty Crown, the anime TV series that will be debuting this fall season in Japan, is another of the newly acquired shows by FUNimation Entertainment. The official producer of the show is Production I.G and the director is Tetsuro Araki (Death Note, High School of the Dead). Moreover, FUNimation will simulcast the episodes at the time of their Japanese premiere!

Source: Funimation

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