ToHeart2 RPG with Anime Adaptation

According to the listings in one of the global leaders in online retailing, there will be a video series adaptation of the popular ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers 3Drole playing games. The first edition of the first volume of the anime is set to ship February 22, 2012. The game was released by AQUAPLUS (Utawarerumono, Comic Party) for PlayStation Portable last June and fast became one of the most favourite of the crowd.  The second two volumes will be shipped on March 21, 2012.

By far, there have been four OVAs based off the ToHeart2 franchise and they have all been welcomed with passion by the fans of the romance and light-hearted genres. The same director as three of the OVAs will be also working on the new TV animated series – Junnichi Sakata. He has also directed Kaze no Stigma the anime and has done the storyboards of various other animated movies and series such as Speed Grapher, Monster, NANA and has participated in the making of three of the earlier Ao no Exorcist episodes.

Let us also remind you that Frontier Works is also the producer of franchises such as Hakuouki, Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai, Tales of Symphonia: The Animation and Tono to Issho. Should we be expecting something really big this time too?

Source: Frontier Works Twitter

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4 thoughts on “ToHeart2 RPG with Anime Adaptation

  1. The Hakuoki guys are hot, but the story itself is absurd, so that doesn’t tell us much about the anime creators. Wonder how this is going to turn out…

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