Ao no Exorcist Movie Greenlit

Ao no Exorcist was pretty fast to enter the top lists of anime fans this last season. The story of the twins, sons of Satan and a human woman, one of whom had the satanic powers and one not, but both pledged loyalty to the fighting against Satan, grabbed the attention and received the appreciation of anime fans all over the world. The manga chapters and first Novel ended up at the top positions for their fist week on the market and the anime was so great that it has not only had a movie in the making, but this movie is already a project to be realized. Yes, Ao no Exorcist will continue.

The animated TV series will have the last 25th episode broadcasted on Sunday and for many this ending was going to mean another good shounen anime’s end. But dear not, loyal shounen fans, the franchise will continue with a fully fledged movie with a theatrical release and all. The news was released in the November issue of Shueisha’s Shounen Jump Square.

Though the anime had also a lot of negatives about it, including the deterioration of the manga, there is definitely no doubt that it is one of the best shounens to come out these last few years. Hopefully, to bring the start of another new wave of such genre since Bleach, Naruto, One Peace and even Toriko are already quite old, mind you.

Yet, there is still no particular information on whether the movie will depict all that was in the canon manga series and not in the anime or not.

Source: Anime News Network

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5 thoughts on “Ao no Exorcist Movie Greenlit

    1. With you on this one, sister… I actually tread it and find it quite entertaining, unlike the ridiculousness that the anime has come to.

      1. Totally agreed. Most of the people around me loved it when it begun, but dropped it during the advance of the series, because they couldn’t stand the deterioration… I was really a sceptic to begin with, when I saw they’re animating a manga that has only just begun.
        Can’t be helped, I guess – they saw the money…

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