Zero no Tsukaima Final Anime to Air in January

The official website of the Zero no Tsukaima franchise confirmed the rumours that the last part of the series will air in January and that it will be called Zero no Tsukaima F.

The story is quite simple: Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is a young witch that lives and studies in a special wizarding academy called Tristein Academy. She is, though, quite an underachiever due to her weak abilities with magic. She even receives the nickname “Zero Louise” due to her Zero success. At one point, for an exam, she needs to summon a familiar to help her through her life. Well, whatever could go wrong goes wrong and Louise summons a typical Japanese boy from the contemporary days. How can Hiraga Saito help her when he defies the situation he has found himself in and how is Louise supposed to make things work are two questions that will be answered if you watch the series.

The original story comes from Noboru Yamaguchi’s novel with the same title. It has been known that the author doesnot plan on doing anything other than the planned last season due to a severe illness. We are all with him and supportive, even those of us who don’t appreciate senseless ecchi and harem-based ecchi anime.


Source: Official website

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