Maken-Ki! BD/DVD bundle with Extras!

The first edition of the Maken-Ki!’s opening volume Blu-ray Disk and DVD package will include special 10 minutes long episode entitled “Dokidoki! Maken-Ki! Himitsu no Kunren” where the main character will be on a secret and very mysterious training session. There will also be a “Maken-Ki! Zenkai Version” that will include scenes that haven’t appeared in the anime. In the bundle there will also be a dakimakura (pillow) of Haruko drawn by the creator of the story Hiromitsu Takeda. Takeda’s illustrations will also be found on the cover case of the package. There will be a jacket illustration by the character creator for the anime TV series Nobuteru Yuki.

While the anime will air on October 4 this year, the Blu-ray Disk/DVD edition of Volume 1 will start shipping December 22.

Source: Anime News Network & Official Website

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4 thoughts on “Maken-Ki! BD/DVD bundle with Extras!

  1. If I have to be honest, as I read comment on YouTube and other sources, it doesn’t seem like this show has as many fans…
    Tried to find a normal trailer to post, you see, but they are all 18+ = unsuitable for my page

  2. Lulubel and her undying love for ecchi… With you on this one, though… I don’t want to know how the training will look like. Often buy such stuff for my boy cousins. :D

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