Wild 7 with a Manga Adaptation

Wild 7, the live-action movie based on the original story with the same title by Mikiya Mochizuki, just got its new manga adaptation.  The comic will appear in the 20th issue of Young King Magazine by Shounengahosha. The artist of the new project will be Kan Hashimoto and will be published in six separate parts. The new adaptation will be based entirely on the movie and not on the main police story by the original creator.

The movie Wild 7 is to be released in cinemas across Japan on Decomber 12, 2011 with the already announced cast (Eita as Dairoku Hiba, Kyouko Fukada as Yuki Honma and others). It is directed by Eiichiro Hasumi (Umizaru) and is a Warner Bros. Japan production.


Source: IMDB and Mantan Web

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5 thoughts on “Wild 7 with a Manga Adaptation

  1. I’m actually quite fond of the idea of a Japanese-style Sons of Anarchy… ;)
    Even though it gets too confusing for me… There are TV series from the 70’s, there’s an OVA from 1994 AND an OVA from 2002. Any of those have something to do with it? And there was a manga published in the 1990’s too, I believe… OMG… O.o

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